Cloud 9’s LUXE Spa Laser Hair Removal Review

Have you heard of Cloud 9 in town? I hadn’t! But they invited me to their spa at the end of last year, which I REALLY, REALLY needed! I was happy to visit anywhere that felt easy and convenient and considering I knew exactly where the hotel was located, I eagerly planned a visit.

Cloud 9 is located opposite the old Rafiki’s. Apparently it’s been there for years, but I’ve never seen or heard of it. BUT I was really interested in their laser hair removal. I’d been going for treatments, which were super expensive and worked quite well, but I was keen for a second opinion. So I kindly accepted Cloud 9’s offer for a spa visit and went along during the summer holidays.

I arrived at the hotel and parked easily. I was greeted by friendly doormen and warm reception ladies. I made my way to the bar because I’d gone to the wrong floor – ooops! But it allowed me to take a peek at the bar anyway, which looked cozy.

One of the receptionists came to look for me and directed me to the spa where I was welcomed. I’d seen a LUXE laser hair removal ad for Sea Point, but living in Claremont meant it was just too much of a mission for me to try to get to Sea Point for treatments. So I was thrilled when I discovered Cloud 9 had a LUXE treatments available and even happier when they were happy for me to try it out.

I was anxious to try lazer hair removal again as I hadn’t enjoyed my first experience at another service center (nothing to do with Cloud 9). It had worked relatively well, but became incredibly painful (even though it was meant to be pain-free), costly (cost R3500 just for my under arms) and worked OK, not flawless. Apparently the 8 treatment special I booked is only some of what you need and 12 is the norm (which leaves me wondering why you’d have an 8 part special then?!). So I was incredibly nervous to go under the laser again at Cloud 9’s LUXE Laser & Spa due to my previous experiences.


Well Chanel from Cloud 9 could not have been more reassuring and professional. LUXE spa has the latest machine at the Hotel, which means the colour of your skin and the colour of your hair does not affect your results – it works either way. The underarm treatment I had on the 27th of December lasted until the end of January. It’s 110% the best treatment I’ve had and I will return to Cloud 9 without question. Also, I think Chanel said their treatment was R200 a pop! A FAR better price AND experience.

Here are some more prices:

  • u/arm R199
  • holly R699
  • u/arm + holly R899
  • full arm R899
  • half leg R1150
  • full leg R1595

After having my under arms done I also had a lick of colour added to my nails. LUXE Spa doesn’t offer gelish, so I had a simple colour done for summer and was very happy with the outcome. It lasted MUCH longer than when I usually do my nails!


To end off the visit I had a delicious cocktail on the rooftop lounge overlooking the Mother City. All I can say is humble perfection. You REALLY feel like it’s a ‘city bowl’ when you’re so high up and at that particular angle.

Apparently they do serve bar snacks, but no actual food. I believe the space may be available to hire out though so if you’d like to do a birthday party or something small, this could be your venue.


I left Cloud 9 feeling on top of the world and would happily return. I already recommended it to two friends from Switzerland who stayed there last week and loved it. It was a fraction more than they had hoped to pay while staying in Cape Town, but said it was worth every cent.

I haven’t seen the hotel rooms so I can’t show you any images or comment on the experience, but I really had a good time at the LUXE Spa and would happily recommend the hotel to others.

If you stay at the hotel, please do let them know that you heard about it from me. That way they will take extra special care of you 🙂 Thanks for reading! Until next #TravelTuesday, have a happy week.




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