[CLOSED] Entry to Hog Hoggidy Hog & PHFat

Yes! It’s the line up that’s gotten all the chins wagging since being announced on Facebook last week. Three of South Africa’s finest alternative groups will be reunited under the Assembly’s roof at the end of May for a night of pure punk pollution.

Hog Hoggidy Hog and Fuzigish, stalwarts of the South African punk/ska scene will be sandwiching “new comers” (if you can count nearly a decade in the business as newcomers) PHFat for a night of bass, punk mayhem. This ingenious line up was put up by PHFat frontman and long time punk fan, Smooth Mike.

While the Hogs have relocated to Germany, Fuzigish have been rocking Johannesburg while PHFat have been on tours to Australia and the UK. This return home gig will see all 3 bands reunited in one main event.

Gig Details:

  • Who: Hog Hoggidy Hog, Fuzigish, PHFat
  • Where: The Assembly, Harrington Street, Cape Town
  • When: 29th of May 2015
  • Why: Because it’s time to rock the free world.
  • What: R100 a tickets, phase 1 & 2 already sold out. GET MOVING! Or…


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  2. Tweet me a picture of something Hog Hoggidy Hog or Fuzigish or PHFat. Whether it be a picture of them on your mobile playlist, an album, a t-shirt, an old photograph, WHATEVER! Tweet me an image and you could WIN a set of double tickets.
  3. If you want to comment by begging in the comment section below (sign in with Twitter/FB/e-mail), that’s fine too. Beggars have been known to be rewarded.
  4. Use the hashtag #HogsAreBack

DO NOT MISS THIS GIG! Good luck. The winner will be announced the week of the event. For more events at the Assembly this week, see below:

PHFat Hog Hoggidy Hog Fuzzigish

WED: See You Next Wednesday / This week we take it back to The Annex for banging night at #SYNW featuring Real Feels(PE), Forrest, A:Type VJ & Factory DJs!

SAT: Skullcandy Presents: Gateway Drugs Farewell / This Saturday, Gateway Drugs takes the stage one last time in their final farewell show supported by Tommy Gun, Sassquatch, Sexual Tension and Goldo! While this is pretty sad news, we can’t wait party one last time and celebrate the career of this truly brilliant act.


  • Kelly Makropoulou says:

    Okay so I’m leaving Cape Town next week, and I was hoping that my send-off would be something as rad as this! Unfortunately, I always have too much month at the end of my money (number one excuse in the Book of Broke). My friends are more indoor folks than I am I rate, because I always have to sell my tickets as when we make plans to partay they flaaaake like dry skin (ew, gross analogy, but true). So, in addition to not being able to purchase tickets, I would be wary of purchasing them anyhoot because of a lack of Vaseline. This just looks like the shizniz, and I would really love to go with a mate! Pleeeeeeeeeeea/grovel/beg/whine/rash/please could I have these tickets Boring Cape Town Chick?

  • Bruce says:

    Here are a few reasons I deserve some tickets:

    1) I followed all four steps above, and also reposted that comp flyer that popped up on facebook.

    2) I present herebelow a page from my GR9 diary where you can see an original 2005 fuzigish flyer for a gig at wynberg sports club. Next to the fyler it literally says “favorite band of all time ever!” . I have some original CD’s aswell somewhere but havnt found them yet (Oink and Skanker’s Union and the unwanted traveler I think).

    3) I created a twitter account and learned how to use it just to try get some tickets

    4) I promised my friend that I would buy us both tickets. We are both huge fans but I left it too late :'(

    5) I’ve supported these bands forever, from Wynberg sports club days until now. This includes buying CD’s and going to every festival they appear at (Hogs synergy, Fuzi ramfest to name two), and every show. Saw the HOGS farewell show at merc with the old dude stripping, and Fuzi whenever they come to CPT (which they did with Rudis a while back at Zula). Have drunkely told Big Willy to never stop playing, and have drunk from his beer funnel. I can play a few Fuzi songs myself, including Peach with the harmonica part.

    6) I need to get laid


  • I am Max says:

    Pretty sure only George moved to Germany, mainly because I lived down the road till he moved to London.

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