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OnSaleBru LogoI’ve been having a great time adding furniture to my apartment since my folks bought their house and took half of the things with them! But, I’m quite cautious with my money. Don’t mistake me, I’m happy to spend. BUT, if I catch a brand/store/restaurant/person over charging me for the worth of an item/object/meal/service, I will NOT be happy.

So ensure the sharks of the world have as little possibility of getting their grubby hands on my hard earned cash, I shop around. When I bought my TV, I went to Dion (Cavendish and Blue Route), Home and Garden (Blue Route), Game (Canal Walk) and online. I took prices down and made comparisons. I nearly bought a 2 year old model tv because it was R3000 cheaper. BUT, the service I received was so good that I didn’t fall prey to that “scam”. Yes, technology does move so fast that you want to ensure you’re 100% comfortable with what you’re purchasing, whatever your needs and budget.

There’s now a new website available that can help you keep an eye on items. It’s call OnSaleBru and, unlike Groupon, it doesn’t offer you deals. It simply magnifies any retail savings and specials available on the market. I tested it out. For example, I’m looking for an LG sound bar to go with my TV. So I searched for that and voila! This came up. Should I want to purchase it, knowing me, I’d go to the website and see if the special was available there or I’d ring them, etc.


I actually really have been looking for a sound bar for my TV LOL! So this is just a random coincidence that this came up. But it proves my point. And if you’re looking for a number of items, then use OnSaleBru to just take a quick squizz. No harm looking!

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