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When I first started blogging I’d receive questions all the time about how to begin a blog or what to do. Sadly, Instagram came into the fold and the nature of sharing information online changed dramatically. Influencer marketing hit its full stride and let bloggers (I feel), in its filtered wake.

Being old school though, blogging is always going to be my first love. You really have to have a knack for Instagram – one that I don’t have! You also need to have a niche, which is tricky for me as I work in digital marketing and don’t really want to be dealing with business all week and the B2B content creating on the weekend!

So blogging remains my treasured past time and it’s partly because my blog is what got me into the digital marketing field. From there, digital marketing “returned the favour” and taught me SEO, content marketing, digital PR, paid social media, etc. With that, comes keyword research – something that gave me the edge over other bloggers YEARS ago when I first started.

Sadly, Google’s keyword planner really changed its format, turned off the bulk of the results for non-paying clients and left us a little in the lurch. Enter – KeySearch! This is a fantastic tool that helps you do key word research in order to determine whether you’re creating content of any value.

How To Use KeySearch for Blogging

Say you want to do a blog post about Black Friday and how many people searched for deals. All you have to do is add the words “Black Friday” , select the country of “South Africa” and see what the results are.

It will immediately offer you a Search Trends report to show you when people are searching for the query. Beneath it it will show you the websites that are dominating the SERPS as well as the keyword search volumes on the right.

This way you can use the information to get more ideas or plan which keywords you’d like to focus on within your new content.

Making the Most of KeySearch

It’s important to be realistic about your content pieces and gauge which pieces you think you will be able to beat. If the leading website has thousands and thousands of visitors a month, you’re not likely to beat that, so look at some results a little further down the keyword list for other ideas and ways to shape your content.

KeySearch Code

The good news is that KeySearch gives you a free trial and there after you can use the code KEY20 to get 20% off your first subscription. It’s also $17 a month (R260), which gives you 200 daily searches & analysis a day, keyword research, youtube research and more.

If you like blogging like I like blogging, happy writing!


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