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This winter EVERYONE’s been complaining about the cost of electricity. The discussions in our office about when to top up, how much to top up for, pre-paid versus pay-as-you-go and the costs of running homes with one, couples or a family have been had numerous times. The truth is, winter causes electricity costs to rocket. I understand why, more lights, more heaters, more hot water, BUT, some people’s bill’s are tripling! Which is pretty crazy., South Africa’s oldest online eco store, recently created an infographic looking at just WHAT we’re spending power on in the home. Appliances aren’t only as convenient as they look, they may also be costing you a fortune. Is cooking a few times a week really worth the electricity it may cost you? Charging your laptop all night? Putting the dishwasher on half full? You may change your mind (and your habits) of electricity usage. You decide for yourself:


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